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  1. Workshop 4 Accepted Papers
  2. Workshop 3 Accepted Papers
  3. Workshop 2 Accepted Papers

In preparation for every workshop, the community submits papers on the security, implementation and applications of zero-knowledge proofs. If accepted, the papers are to be discussed at the upcoming workshop with the goal to convey and facilitate progress in zero-knowledge proof technology, by sharing knowledge among participants and by creating public living documents that convey the state of the art. Submissions can be along the following tracks:

  • Community Proposals serve as references and guidelines to be agreed upon by the community, that promote correct usage and interoperability of zero-knowledge proofs. We envision that subsequent work, to be defined in collaboration with standard bodies, will be required to gain official status as a normative standard.
  • Systematization-of-Knowledge (SoK) papers serve to map the state of the art on some specific aspect of the workshop’s scope. They should be comprehensive in covering the main approaches to that aspect, compare-and-contrast them, and offer effective conceptual frameworks for understanding the relations between these alternatives (e.g., models, distinguishing properties, metrics and decomposition into building blocks).

Workshop 4 Accepted Papers

Here is the call for papers for this edition of the workshop.

Workshop 3 Accepted Papers

Here is the call for papers for this edition of the workshop.

Community Proposals


Workshop 2 Accepted Papers

In this edition, only proposals were submitted. Here is the call for papers.

Community Proposals