Community Reference

The ZKProof Community Reference is one of the ways that ZKProof promotes best practices. Best practices enable the field to develop in the proper way, by bringing together a common set of guidelines derived from experience, that allow others working on the field to ensure the security and interoperability for their system.

The latest version of the ZKProof Community Reference document

Table of contents

  1. Latest Version
    1. Higlights of the new version
    2. Call for Feedback
  2. Version History

Latest Version

On December 31st, 2019, the editors of the ZKProof Community Reference published version 0.2 of the document. We thank all the received contributions. You can see the specific changes in this diff file. This is a live document, undergoing a cycle of development. Check the Call for Feedback below.

Higlights of the new version

  • A consolidated preamble: new abstract, new context “About this community reference”, new IP expectations; more detailed “Table of contents”; new “Executive summary”.
  • A “Version history” section and an “Acknowledgments” section after the main chapters.
  • A new chapter on “Construction paradigms”, encompassing the previous section on “Taxonomy” of constructions, and including a new section on “Interactivity”.
  • Several portions of revised text and content, for example on proofs of knowledge vs. membership, benchmark parameters, gadgets, and applications.

Call for Feedback

We are open for public feedback on all aspects of the ZKProof Community Reference version 0.2. The feedback will be helpful to prepare topics of discussion at the 3rd ZKProof workshop (April 20 – May 21), which will kick-off a new cycle open to contributions. Please send your feedback by email to [email protected]. When commenting on specific portions of text, please refer to the line numbers in the “annotated changes” version. Note that the ZKProof community forum also remains as a resource for community discussion.

Here is a list of examples of feedback we are looking for

  • What portions of technical text can benefit from further clarification?
  • What basic concepts to further clarify, such as membership vs. knowledge, etc?
  • Each item in section 2.3 should be expanded into a new section — what to include?
  • What new pictorial examples (diagrams, etc.) to add?
  • What bibliographic references to add, to better support the claims and concepts?

Version History

Date Version Title Editors Other Links
12-31-2019 v0.2 (PDF) ZKProof Community Reference Daniel Benarroch, Luís Brandâo, Eran Tromer Diff PDF & Annotated Changes
03-25-2019 v0.1 (PDF) Consolidated ZKProof Community Reference Luís Brandâo Ported to LaTeX
05-12-2018 v0.0-sec (PDF) ZKProof Standards Security Track Proceedings Jens Groth, Yael Kalai, Muthu Venkitasubramaniam Google Doc
05-12-2018 v0.0-impl (PDF) ZKProof Standards Implementation Track Proceedings Sean Bowe, Kobi Gurkan, Eran Tromer Google Doc
05-12-2018 v0.0-app (PDF) ZKProof Standards Applications Track Proceedings Daniel Benarroch, Ran Canetti, Andrew Miller Google Doc