ZKProof Recordings and Slides

List of public presentations at ZKProof-related events, with links to videos and slide-decks.

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Index of workshops

  • ZKProof1: 1st ZKProof Workshop. 2018-May-10–11. Boston, USA
  • ZKProof2: 2nd ZKProof Workshop. 2019-Apr-10–12. Berkeley, USA
  • ACS’19: Workshop on Advanced Cryptography Standardization. 2019-Aug-18. Santa Barbara, USA
  • ZCE’19: ZKProof Community Event. 2019-Oct-28–29. Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • ZKProof3: 3rd ZKProof Workshop (Home Edition). 2020-Apr-20–May-21. Virtual
  • ACAS’20: Workshop on Advanced Cryptography Applications and Standardization. 2020-Aug-15. Virtual
  • ZKProof4: 4th ZKProof Workshop (Home Edition). 2021-Apr-19–29. Virtual

1st ZKProof Workshop

2018-May-10-11, Boston USA

Useful links: Workshop website; Youtube playlist

  1. Standardizing Zero Knowledge Proofs. Ran Canetti, BU and TAU. Video
  2. Privacy requirements in DLTs ZKP vs. SGX. Konstantinos Chalkias, R3. Video
  3. A conceptual model for Identity. Jason Law, Evernym. Video
  4. Hyperledger Fabric and Zero Knowledge. Angelo De Caro and Maria Dubovitskaya, IBM Research. Video
  5. An Introduction to the Core Open Standards for SSI: DIDs, DKMS, DID Auth, and Verifiable Credentials. Nathan George, Sovrin Foundation. Video
  6. Non-Interactive Zero-Knowledge Proofs for Composite Statements. Shashank Agrawal, Visa Research. Video
  7. A New Foundation for Inter-Business Trust. Anuj Das Gupta, Stratumn. Video
  8. Zcash Foundation. Josh Cincinnati, Zcash Foundation. Video
  9. Zero Knowledge Proofs in the Industry. Andrew Poelstra, Blockstream. Video
  10. Proofs for all, data for no one. Jonathan Rouach, QED-it. Video
  11. Zcash Sapling. Sean Bowe, Zcash. Video
  12. Zero Knowledge: The trusted party (ideal functionality) interface. Ran Canetti. Video

2nd ZKProof Workshop (ZW2)

2019-Apr-10-12, Berkeley USA

Useful links: Workshop website; Youtube playlist; ZCForum thread


  1. ZKP for audits of Unsolicited Consumer Communication. Hitarshi Buch and Joshua Satten, Wipro. Video
  2. Applications of Zero Knowledge Proofs in the Banking Industry. Eduardo Moraes, ING. Video
  3. Bringing ZKP to Traditional Industries, Physical World Use-cases. Shiri Lemel, QEDIT. Video
  4. Privacy Pass a Lightweight Zero Knowledge Protocol Designed for the Web. Nick Sullivan, Cloudflare. Video
  5. Tooling Infrastructure for Zero-Knowledge Proofs. Henry de Valence, Zcash Foundation. Video
  6. R1CS and smart contracts with Bulletproofs. Cathie Yun, Interstellar. Video
  7. Fragile Nonce Selection and ZKPs as a Solution. Andrew Poelstra, Blockstream. Video
  8. Notes from the SNARKonomicon Techniques for Writing SNARK Programs. Izaak Mekler, O(1) Labs. Video
  9. Zero Knowledge Proofs and Self-Sovereign Identity. Jordi Baylina, Iden3. Video
  10. zk-SHARKs - Combining Succinct Verification and Public Coin Setup. Madars Virza, MIT. Video
  11. LegoSNARK Modular Design and Composition of Succinct Zero-Knowledge Proofs. Dario Fiore, IMDEA. Video
  12. Sonic zkSNARKs from Linear-Size Universal and Updatable SRS. Sean Bowe, Electric Coin Company. Video
  13. DIZK a Distributed Zero Knowledge Proof System. Howard Wu, Berkeley & Dekrypt Kapital. Video
  14. Enterprise Features for Confidential Asset Transfer. Ori Wallenstein, QEDIT. Video
  15. Zether Towards Privacy in a Smart Contract World. Benedikt Bunz, Stanford. Video
  16. Succinct Proofs on Ethereum. Barry Whitehat, Ethereum Foundation. Video
  17. Aurora, Transparent Succinct Arguments for R1CS. Nick Spooner and Dev Ojha, UC Berkeley. Video


  1. Public Accountability vs. Secret Laws Can They Coexist. Shafi Goldwasser. Video
  2. Efficient Zero-Knowledge Protocols The Modular Approach. Yuval Ishai, Technion. Video
  3. Privacy-enhancing Cryptography at NIST. Rene Peralta, NIST. Video
  4. ZKProof Proceedings Review & Process. Daniel Benarroch, QEDIT; Luís Brandão, NIST; Eran Tromer, Columbia & TAU. Video
  5. Zero Knowledge in the Enterprise. Panelists: Carlos Kuchkovsky (BBVA); Yael Kalai (Microsoft Research); Mike Hearn (R3); Jonathan Levi (HACERA). Moderator: Joanathan Rouach (QEDIT). Video
  6. Bilinear Pairings based Zero-Knowledge Proofs. Jens Groth, DFINITY. Video
  7. MPC-in-the-Head based Zero-Knowledge Proofs. Amit Sahai, UCLA. Video


  1. GKR based Zero-Knowledge Proofs. Yael Kalai, Microsoft Research. Video
  2. IOP based Zero-Knowledge Proofs. Alessandro Chiesa, UC Berkeley, Zcash, Starkware. Video
  3. Discrete Log based Zero-Knowledge Proofs. Dan Boneh, Stanford. Video
  4. From Public-Key Cryptography to PKI Reflections on Standardizing the RSA Algorithm. Burt Kaliski, Verisign. Video
  5. Zero Knowledge Ideal Functionality. Muthu Venkitasubramaniam, Ligero & University of Rochester. Video

Workshop on Advanced Cryptography Standardization (ACS’19)

2020-Aug-18, Santa Barbara, USA

Useful links: Workshop website; Youtube playlist

  1. A perspective on standardization of advanced cryptography at NIST. Luís Brandão (NIST). Video
  2. - a community effort. Kristin Lauter (Microsoft). Video
  3. Towards Standardizing Zero Knowledge. Ran Canetti (Boston University and Tel Aviv University). Video
  4. Advanced Cryptography on the Way to Practice. Mariana Raykova (Google). Video
  5. BLS signatures, hashing to curves, and more: dispatches from the IETF. Riad S. Wahby (Stanford). Video
  6. Lessons about standardization. Samuel Ranellucci (Unbound Tech). Video
  7. Computer-aided Verification and Software Synthesis for Secure Multi-Party Computation Protocols. Karim Eldefrawy (SRI). Video
  8. Panel & Further Discussion. Hugo Krawczyk (Algorand Foundation), Dahlia Malkhi (Calibra), Eran Tromer (Columbia & TAU), Luís Brandão (NIST), Tanja Lange (Eindhoven University of Technology). Video

ZKProof Community Event (ZCE’19)

2019-Oct-28–29, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Useful links: Workshop website; Youtube playlist; ZCForum thread


  1. Building a Trust Ecosystem for Adoption of ZKP. Jonathan Rouach, QEDIT. Video
  2. Practical Privacy Preserving Proofs of Solvency. Kostas Chalkias, Calibra. Video
  3. Corda Business Case. Katarzyna Streich, R3. Video
  4. Implementing ZKPs for Income Statements. Pepijn Overbeeke, Deloitte. Video
  5. Zero Knowledge Transaction Validation in Corda. Alexey Koren, ING. Video
  6. Industry Panel: Reaching Adoption of ZKPs. Panelists: Antonio Senatore (Deloitte), Peter Broadhusrt (Kaleido), Daira Hopwood (Electric Coin Company) and Tom Pockoc (Aztec). Moderator: Jonathan Rouach (QEDIT). Video
  7. The Emerging Role of ZKP in the Privacy Stack for Production Business Networks. Peter Broadhurst, Kaleido. Video
  8. Scalable Privacy. Daira Hopwood, Electric Coin Company. Video
  9. Lelantus-MW, the Symbiosis. Vladislav Gelfer, Beam. Video


  1. Reference Document & Benchmarking Standards. Daniel Benarroch, QEDIT; LuÍs Brandão, NIST. Video
  2. Zero-Knowledge Proofs in the Wild. Anna Kaplan, TU Munich. Video
  3. zkInterface: a Tool for Zero-Knowledge Interoperability. Aurelien Nicolas, QEDIT. Video
  4. Leveraging ZKPs to Design Privacy Preserving State Transitions on Ethereum. Antoine Rondelet, Clearmatics. Video
  5. LegoSNARK: Composing ZKPs Simply and Efficiently. Matteo Campanelli, IMDEA Software. Video
  6. Verifiable MPC. Berry Schoenmakers, TU Eindhoven. Video
  7. Using ZKPs for Minting NFTs: the Need for zkSNARK-Optimized Primitives. Lucas Vogelsang, Centrifuge. Video
  8. STARKs in an Eggshell. Anais Querol, QEDIT/IMDEA. Video
  9. PLONK: Privacy in a World of Universal SNARKs. Zac Williamson, Aztec Protocol. Video

3rd ZKProof Workshop [Home Edition] (ZW3)

2020-Apr-20–May-21, Virtual

Useful links: Workshop website; Youtube playlist; ZCForum thread


  1. Distributed Auditing Proofs of Liabilities. Kostas Chalkias. Video
  2. Zero-knowledge to the rescue. Moti Yung. Video


  3. Lifting Transformations for Simulation Extractable Subversion and Updatable SNARKs. Behzad Abdolmaleki. Video
  4. Commit-and-Prove Zero-Knowledge Proof Systems. Matteo Campanelli, IMDEA Software. Video


  5. Semaphore Zero-Knowledge Signaling on Ethereum. Koh Wei Jie, Ethereum Foundation - Applied ZKP. Video
  6. Gage MPC – Going beyond the Residual Function Non-Interactive MPC Lower Bound. Tal Rabin, Algorand Foundation. Video


  7. AirAssembly: A low level language for encoding Algebraic Intermediate Representation (AIR) of computations. Bobbin Threadbare, STARKS. Video
  8. Formalising Sigma-Protocols and Commitment Schemes using CryptHOL. David Butler, The Alan Turing Institute. Video
  9. Lightning Talks. Various speakers. Video


  10. Zero Knowledge Proofs for Constructing Protocols. Jan Camenisch, DFNITY. Video
  11. Plumo: Towards Scalable, Interoperable Blockchains Using Ultra Light Validation Systems. Michael Strake; Psi Vesely. Video


  12. The Simulation Paradigm and Deniable Communications. Rosario Gennaro, CUNY. Video
  13. Ranged Polynomial Protocols. Ariel Gabizon, Aztec. Video


  14. Diogenes Lightweight Scalable RSA Modulus Generation with a Dishonest Majority. Carmit Hazay, Ligero. Video
  15. SAVER: Snark-friendly Additively-homomorphic and Verifiable Encryption-decryption with Rerandomization. Jiwon Lee, Hanyang University. Video


  16. Hardware Accelerated Proofs. Erdinc Ozturk, Sabanci University. Video
  17. A Benchmarking Framework for (Zero-Knowledge) Proof Systems. Daniel Benarroch, QEDIT; Justin Thaler, Goergetown University. Video


  18. Towards Version 1.0 of the ZKProof Community Reference. Daniel Benarroch, QEDIT; Luís Brandão (NIST); Eran Tromer (Columbia & TAU). Video
  19. zkInterface: Zero-Knowledge Interoperability. Aurélien Nicolas, Eran Tromer. Video


  20. Industry, Deployment and Adoption. Panelists: Rilly Chen, Ant Financial; Josh Cincinnati (ZCash Foundation); Mariana Gomez de la Villa, ING; Charles Hoskinson, IOHK; Jonathan Rouach, QEDIT; Antonio Senatore, Deloitte. Moderator: Samantha, QEDIT. Video
  21. Secure and Private Distributed Ledgers ZK - Saviour and Saved. Markulf Kohlweiss, University of Edinburgh. Video
  22. Combining Advanced Cryptography in Enterprise Products Showcasing QEDIT for Excel. Jonathan Rouach, QEDIT. Video
  23. The Future of Privacy-Enhancing Cryptography. Panelists: Joshua Baron (DARPA); Yuval Ishai (Technion); Kristin Lauter (Microsoft); Kobbi Nissim (Harvard); Vinod Vaikuntanathan (MIT); Chris Peikert (U. of Michigan). Moderator: Shafi Goldwasser (UC Berkeley and MIT). Video

Workshop on Advanced Cryptography Applications and Standardization (ACAS’20)

2020-Aug-15, Virtual

Useful links: Workshop website; Youtube playlist

  1. Toward Criteria for Standardization of Multi-Party Threshold Schemes for Cryptographic Primitives. Luís Brandão (NIST/Strativia). Video
  2. Standardizing Fully Homomorphic Encryption. Kim Laine (Microsoft Research). Video
  3. Update and vision of the ZKProof standardization effort. Yael Kalai (Microsoft, MIT). Video
  4. Integrating Legal and Technical Reasoning for Privacy Analysis. Alexandra Wood (Harvard University). Video
  5. Privacy Pass: Standardizing Anonymous Authorization for the Internet. Alex Davidson (Cloudflare). Video
  6. Firefox Origin Telemetry with Prio. Anthony Miyaguchi (Mozilla). Video
  7. Deploying PET for Data Collaboration at Scale. Jonathan Rouach (QEDIT). Video
  8. Towards a Path for Adoption of Advanced Cryptographic Primitives. Sergey Gorbunov (University of Waterloo). Video
  9. Privacy Preserving Technology in Practice. Payman Mohassel and Subodh Iyengar (Facebook). Video
  10. Fireside Chat: a conversation on the latest trends of advanced cryptography and the challenges to deployment. Dave Archer (Galois), Omer Shlomovits (ZenGo), Erica Portnoy (EFF). Video

4th ZKProof Workshop [Home Edition] (ZW4)

2021-Apr-19–29, Virtual

Useful links: Workshop website; Youtube playlist


  1. Pushing the Limits of Zero Knowledge Applications. Joshua Baron, DARPA. Video
  2. Leo: A Programming Language for Formally Verified, ZK Applications. Howard Wu; Collin Chin. Video
  3. Sigma Protocols. Michele Orrú. Video


  1. An Algebraic Framework for Universal and Updatable zkSNARKs. Arantxa Zapico. Video
  2. Rinocchio: SNARKs for Ring Arithmetic. Anca Nitulescu. Video
  3. SNARKs from the sum-check protocol. Justin Thaler. Video
  4. Proofs of proofs: incremental verifiability from recursion and accumulation. Nick Spooner, Boston University. Video


  1. Distributed Zero-Knowledge Proofs and Applications to Secure Computation. Elette Boyle, IDC Herzliya. Video
  2. The Challenges and Best Practices of Deploying Zero-Knowledge Proofs. Izaak Meckler, Jordi Baylina, Zac Williamson, Daira Hopwood, Pratyush Mishra. Video


  1. ZkpComRef 2021. Daniel Benarroch, QEDIT; Luís Brandão, NIST/Strativia; Eran Tromer, Columbia & TAU. Video
  2. An Introduction to SNARK Development with arkworks. Pratyush Mishra, arkworks. Video
  3. [Spartan] High-Speed zkSNARKs without Trusted Setup. Srinath Setty, Microsoft Research. Video


  1. Scalable Zero-Knowledge Protocols From Vector-OLE. Peter Scholl, Aarhus University. Video
  2. Inner Product Arguments. Mary Maller, Etheruem Foundation. Video
  3. Recent progress in MPC-in-the-Head protocols. Emmanuela Orsini, KU Leuven. Video
  4. Framework for Snarky Ceremonies. Mikhail Volkhov. Video
  5. Formal security analysis of MPC-in-the-head zero-knowledge protocols. Nikolaj Sidorenco, Aarhus University. Video


  1. Commit-and-Prove Zero-Knowledge Proof Systems and Extensions. Jiwon Lee, Hanyang University. Video
  2. Verification Dilemmas, Law, and the Promise of Zero-Knowledge Proofs. Shafi Goldwasser, UC Berkeley. Video
  3. SNARKPack: Practical Groth16 Aggregation. Anca Nitulescu, Protocol Labs; Nicolas Gailly, Protocol Labs. Video
  4. Closing Remarks for #ZKProof4. Daniel Benarroch, QEDIT; Eran Tromer, Columbia & TAU. Video