Educational Resources about Zero-Knowledge Proofs

  1. The ZKProof Community Reference (ZkpComRef v0.3)
  2. Research papers
  3. Online Courses
  4. Textbooks on ZKProof (free)
  5. Media: presentations and tutorials
  6. Blogposts
  7. Wiki-style resources
  8. Puzzles, exercises, and programming for hands-on experience
  9. Developer tools
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The page lists various educational resources, mostly from external sources. (Please read the disclaimer notes at the bottom.)

The ZKProof Community Reference (ZkpComRef v0.3)

Research papers

Online Courses

Textbooks on ZKProof (free)

Media: presentations and tutorials


Wiki-style resources

Puzzles, exercises, and programming for hands-on experience

Developer tools

  • a web tool to calculate how much time cryptographic operations take on a real computer.
  • zk-bench: benchmarks for popular zk frameworks
  • zkREPL: a browser interface for the Circom compiler
  • halo2REPL: a browser interface for writing halo2 circuits in Javascript.

Series of events

Discussion forums


  • This webpage provides various links to external websites, hoping that their information may be useful to users interested in zero-knowledge proofs. However, ZKProof.Org does not necessarily endorse the content, opinions, or any product advertised or available therein.
  • For suggestions related to the listing of educational resources, please send an email to editors (at) zkproof (dot) org. All links should lead to publicly accessible content.
  • This webpage will not keep track of who provided which suggestions. However, each linked page may include credits to the developers of the corresponding educational material.