Working Groups

Table of contents

  1. Working groups 2023 onward
    1. Plonkish Constraint System
    2. Fiat-Shamir Compiler
    3. Sigma Protocols
  2. Working groups prior to 2022
  3. Other Discussion Groups

This page collects links to resources about past working groups that submitted Standardization effort, as well as proposals and systematizations of knowledge submitted to ZKProof workshops.

For comments and updates, please email standards at zkproof dot org.

Working groups 2023 onward

Plonkish Constraint System

Details to be added soon.

Fiat-Shamir Compiler

Details to be added soon.

Sigma Protocols

Details to be added soon.

Other working groups: Read the parent page for guidelines on how to propose a new working group.

Working groups prior to 2022

Between 2019 and 2021, ZKProof motivated the submission of proposals for specifications, and the creation of various working groups.

Throughout various ZKProof workshops, “proposals” were submitted for discussion by the community. Some of these led to the creation of “working groups” (WG) intended to subsequently develop/refine/improve the proposals, possibly toward future standards. While they have not been subject to any formal process for subsequent standardization, they have produced various documents (see below) that may serve as useful reference material.

Note: there is also another page with a list of the initial proposals submitted to ZKProof workshops.

# WG Name (Telegram Group) Goal Repo Documents
1 Commit-and-Prove ZKP Systems & Extensions (TG) Standardize how to modularly create verifiable commitments and ciphertexts with any ZK system repo W2, W3, W4, Notes, Slides, Charter
2 Σ-protocols (TG) Standardize ZK interactive sigma protocols repo W4
3 DAPOL (TG) v W3, CCS21, ACNS21, Notes
4 zkInterface (TG) Standardize interoperability between frontends and backends in ZK systems repo W2, W3, Notes
5 Snark-Friendly Primitives (TG) Standardize the use of specific cryptographic primitives inside of the circuit of a ZK system repo Charter, Notes

Other Discussion Groups

# WG Name (Telegram Group) Goal Repo Documents
1 Groth16 & SnarkPack (TG) Standardize Groth16 and aggregation/amortization methods W4, Notes
2 Rinocchio: SNARKs for Ring Arithmetic (TG) Standardize a generic method for using ZK over rings, yielding efficiency improvements for some applications W4, Notes
3 Leo: A Programming Language for Formally Verified ZK Applications (TG) Standardize the fundamental components of a ZK language W4, Notes

Legend: W2 = paper @ 2th workshop; W3 = paper @ 3rd workshop; W4 = paper @ 4th workshop.