ZKProof Community

The ZKProof effort is powered by its community members, each participating with their own contributions. Together, the community is leading the way to establishing reference material and standards for the industry. The main technical discussions of the community happen in the community forum and in the official Telegram group.

Table of contents

  1. ZKProof Community
  2. Prizes
    1. 3rd ZKProof Workshop, Home Edition 2020
  3. Badges
    1. Accomplishment Badges
    2. Growth Badges


Starting in 2020, the ZKProof team established a set of prizes to be awarded at every annual workshop to the outstanding participants and papers. Below are the winners for each workshop since then.

3rd ZKProof Workshop, Home Edition 2020

Prize Title Winner Description Useful Links
Most Valuable Participant (MVP) Daira Hopwood Awarded by the Steering Committee, the individual’s efforts must have substantially contributed to the lasting impact of this workshop in the field of zero-knowledge proofs and the ZKProof standardization effort. Daira’s Twitter
Best Paper Award (a) A Benchmarking Framework for (Zero-Knowledge) Proof Systems - Daniel Benarroch, Aurélien Nicolas, Justin Thaler, Eran Tromer Awarded by the Program Committee, this paper must encompass high-quality technical content and be relevant to the process of standardization. Paper PDF Presentation Recording
Best Paper Award (b) The Turbo-PLONK Program Syntax for Specifying SNARK Programs - Ariel Gabizon, Zachary Williamson Awarded by the Program Committee, this paper must encompass high-quality technical content and be relevant to the process of standardization. Paper PDF Presentation Recording
Most Impactful Discussion Commit-and-Prove Zero-Knowledge Proof Systems - Daniel Benarroch, Matteo Campanelli, Dario Fiore Awarded by the workshop participants, this discussion gained most community support towards becoming a standard and enabling adoption. Paper PDF Presentation Recording


The badges enhance the feeling of community and incentivize people to connect to the community culture. In order to issue the badges, we use the open source badgr platform (the European server), which is the leading digital badging system in the world. It implements the Open Badges 2.0 Assertion specification, which verifies badges cryptographically. You can find the badgr ZKProof profile here.

Once you received a badge, you can (1) download the badge as a png image, which contains JSON metadata information about the validity of the badge; and (2) you can create your own bdger profile and keep track of all your badges there. There ar two types of badges, as explained below, and all are verifiable through the website.

Verify a Badge

Accomplishment Badges

These badges are awarded for specific accomplishments and contributions to the effort and the community. The badges use the analogy of mythical creatures to exemplify the uniqueness of the people who dedicate their time to leading the effort and the industry.

Badge Description Earning Criteria Number Awarded
oracle ZKProof Oracle The ZKProof Oracles build the fundamental community knowledge base that serves both new and existing members of the community. Make a contribution to the ZKProof Community Reference document 10
storyteller ZKProof Storyteller The ZKProof Storytellers use their powers for the creation of the shared narratives, formulas and new understandings of Zero-Knowledge proofs. Be an author of an accepted standard proposal or standardization of knowledge 25
trailblazer ZKProof Trailblazer ZKProof Trailblazers use their powers to unite the community, generate and encourage contributions and support the global movement. Be one of the 10 most active members in the ZKProof community forum in the past year in all three categories: new topics, comments posted and likes received. 0
chronicler ZKProof Chronicler The ZKProof Chroniclers apply their expertise to record important knowledge and discourse for the benefit of the community. Be a notetaker in a ZKProof discussion at one of the annual workshops. 6
wizard ZKProof Wizard The ZKProof Wizards create visuals, materials and other magical artifacts to support the community activities and aid in the embodiment of Zero-Knowledge Proofs standards. Assist in visual design, art or other creative processes to the ZKProof community. 1

Growth Badges

The Growth Badges are awarded to the community members who consistently participate in the annual workshops, contributing to the long-term success of the ZKProof effort. Every year we will award new Growth Badges (we have created already the ones for the next two years to give you a peak).

Badge Earning Criteria Number Awarded Year Awarded
:rookie ZKProof Rookie A badage for those who participated in at least two ZKProof workshops. 56 2020
pro ZKProof Pro A badge for those who participated in at least three ZKProof workshops 19 2020
senior ZKProof Senior A badge for those who participated in at least 4 ZKProof workshops 0 2021
veteran ZKProof Veteran A badge for those who participated in at least 5 ZKProof workshops 0 2022