Contributors to ZkpComRef

The following is an attempt to acknowledge various contributions provided to to the ZKProof Community Reference (ZkpComRef). This includes not only the direct contributions in content and editing, but also some referenceable comments/suggestions received in ZKProof workshops or in other instances. It is hard to ensure a full account, but we try to at least point out specific instances. Please email additional acknowledgment suggestions to editors (at)

A general “thank you” goes to all who have so far collaborated with the ZKProof initiative. This includes workshop speakers, participants, organizers and sponsors, the ZKProof steering committee and program committee members, and the participants in the online ZKProof forum.

Version 0.3 — Cycle 2020–2022 (including workshops Z3 and Z4)

Editors: Daniel Benarroch, Luís Brandão, Mary Maller, Eran Tromer

Content contributors: Yuval Ishai, Justin Thaler, and the Editors

Comments (here) about v0.2: Luís Brandão, Shengchao Ding, Jens Groth, Edward Haigh, Markulf Kohlweiss, Eduardo Morais, René Peralta, Angela Robinson, Janno Siim, Abilash Soundararajan

See additional notes here.

Version 0.2 – Cycle 2019.2 (including Workshop Z2)

Editors: Daniel Benarroch, Luís Brandão, Eran Tromer

Content contributors: Yu Hang, Eduardo Morais, Justin Thaler, Ivan Visconti, Riad Wahby and Yupeng Zhang, René Peralta, Angela Robinson, and the Editors

Other comments and contributions:

  • Comments from breakout session on ZKProof Proceedings, at 2nd Z-workshop here: Daniel Benarroch, Luís Brandão, Angelo de Caro, Armando Fac, Eduardo Morais, Mariana Raykova, Angela Robinson
  • NIST-PEC contributions here
  • Notes of the 2nd workshop here

Version 0.1 — Cycle 2019.1

Editor (compilation to LaTeX/PDF): Luís Brandão

Comments (here) about v0: Luís Brandão, Angela Robinson, René Peralta

Version 0 (Cycle 2018, including Workshop Z1)

  • Security document
    • Chairs and editors: Jens Groth, Yael Kalai, Muthu Venkitasubramaniam
    • Participants: Nir Bitansky, Ran Canetti, Henry Corrigan-Gibbs, Shafi Goldwasser, Charanjit Jutla, Yuval Ishai, Rafail Ostrovsky, Omer Paneth, Tal Rabin, Maryana Raykova, Ron Rothblum, Alessandra Scafuro, Eran Tromer, Douglas Wikström.
  • Implementation document
    • Chairs and editors: Sean Bowe, Kobi Gurkan, Eran Tromer
    • Participants: Benedikt Bünz, Konstantinos Chalkias, Daniel Genkin, Jack Grigg, Daira Hopwood, Jason Law, Andrew Poelstra, abhi shelat, Muthu Venkitasubramaniam, Madars Virza, Riad S. Wahby, Pieter Wuille.
  • Applications document
    • Chairs and editors: Daniel Benarroch, Ran Canetti, Andrew Miller
    • Participants: Shashank Agrawal, Tony Arcieri, Vipin Bharathan, Josh Cincinnati, Joshua Daniel, Anuj Das Gupta, Angelo De Caro, Michael Dixon, Maria Dubovitskaya, Nathan George, Brett Hemenway Falk, Hugo Krawczyk, Jason Law, Anna Lysyanskaya, Zaki Manian, Eduardo Morais, Neha Narula, Gavin Pacini, Jonathan Rouach, Kartheek Solipuram, Mayank Varia, Douglas Wikstrom, Aviv Zohar.