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Welcome to — the official page of ZKProof Reference Material. This page collects diverse reference material produced in connection with the ZKProof Standardization effort (ZKProof.Org). The following resources are available:

Index of reference material:

Apart from, there is additional material hosted by, such as:

I’m new to ZKPs … what should I look at first?

  • Consider starting with our list of educational resources.
  • ZKProof would like to create a more extensive introduction for newcomers. If you’re interested in helping produce it, please contact us by email: editors (at) zkproof (dot) org

License note: By default, the material published at ZKProof.Org is under a CC BY 4.0 license. In case of external presentations, please check carefully before posting elsewhere, since some material (e.g., logos) may be subject to a more restrictive licence.